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FIXED PRICE: £125,000

fully installed and commissioned

  • Based around Blackmagic's ATEM 2ME switcher, Stvdio 1 is a fully integrated solution.  

  • The 3 Studio Cameras are equipped with 1x Wide angle HD Lens and 2 x Standard HD Lenses.  

  • Remote Zoom and Focus are fitted to the Pedestal (if economies are needed you could remove Pedestal and use Rolling Dollies instead).  

  • A single AutoCue is fitted as standard (PC not supplied).  

  • Talkback headsets for the cameramen allow 2 way communication with the Director in the Gallery.  

  • Fibre connections carry all the signals required from the camera back to the switcher via the matrix.  

  • The 20 x 20 Matrix has all the video sources connected through it to allow ultimate flexibility.  

  • Multiview screens display all the sources and a separate programme monitor is provided for High quality Monitoring.  

  • A small Audio Mixer mixes 6 of the new Sony digital UWP radio mics - 5 lavalier and 1 hand-held.  

  • The audio mixer has mic limiters on 8 of its mic channels, with 4 further stereo channels  

  • The presenters will have wireless talkback (2 units) to allow them to be directed during the programme.  

  • 2 Red lights are included, one for the gallery and one for external control.

  • Recording and playback is via 4 Hyperdecks Studio Pro units ( 2 for recording 2 for playback) from where the file based media can be distributed through the channel’s network infrastructure


It is possible to modify the specification of Stvdio 2 to suit your specific requirements.  Any changes will have an impact on the price (either up or down)... see below for some suggestions:

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For more details or to discuss your specific requirements please contact PETER KNOWLES 


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