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FIXED PRICE: £18,950

ready to use

These 3 camera Portable Production Units feature awesome Blackmagic components in a robust, lightweight case.  Unlike visually similar products, the StvdioExpert PPU Pro range is assembled and engineered to the veryhighest broadcast standards, and features:-


  • High quality custom-made cables

  • All cables individually numbered and labelled for easy identification.

  • Cables neatly installed and secured in looms to maximise space for air movement (important for cooling) and reduce the chance of movement in transit that can lead to cable/connection failures.

  • Spare cables included at no extra cost

  • Absence of any holes in the external cases where dust can get in.

  • Upgraded fans with replaceable dust filters.

  • Locking power cables to prevent accidental disconnection in transit.


StvdioExpert PPU Pro packages contain everything you need for a portable TV studio, including three Blackmagic Design 4K Studio Cameras, starting from as little as £18,500





  • A complete package including 3 UltraHD cameras and a fully portable live production unit complete with switcher, dual-channel recording and 4K monitoring.

  • It features HD and 4K output to make sure it fits your current workflow. At under £20K - fully configured - it's fantastic value and a great way to future-proof your organization.


The package Includes:

  • 3 x Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K
    Advanced broadcast camera for live HD production


Built into 19" Rack case:

  • Blackmagic Design SmartScope Duo 4K
    Dual 8" 6G-SDI monitors with waveform analysis

  • Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro
    Advanced SSD recorder with 6G-SDI, HDMI 4K, analogue, Thunderbolt and 4K support

  • Blackmagic Design SmartVideohub 12 x 12
    Advanced 12 x 12 multi format SD, HD and Ultra HD SDI router.

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K
    1 M/E production switcher with 8 inputs, DVE, 9 layers for Mac and PC.

  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converter
    4 x optical fiber converters in 1 RU design

  • Blackmagic Design SmartView 4K
    Full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor

  • 3 x FieldCast 2Core SM UL 100
    2Core Single Mode Ultra Light 100M Fibre Cable

  • thebrikmill FiberBrik Panel
    Full resolution Ultra HD broadcast monitor

  • thebrikmill FiberBrik Adaptor for Studio Camera
    Adaptor for Blackmagic Studio Camera to FieldCast 2Core Single Mode

  • 3 x Panasonic H-HPS14042E
    LUMIX G X Vario PZ 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. POWER OIS Lens

  • 4 x Noise Cancelling Headset
    Aviation Style compatible headset for ATEM Camera / Studio Converter


Please note: We are able to offer a StvdioExpert PPU Pro Lite option which replaces the Hyperdeck Studio Pros with standard Hyperdeck Studio units. This substitution offers a zero-compromise cost reduction for customers who are working in HD rather than 4K.




  • Lighting Kits

  • Camera Support (Tripods, Pedestals etc.)

  • Prompting


To see details of StvdioExpert's Fixed Price Stvdio packages,  click on the logos below:

For more details or to discuss your specific requirements please contact PETER KNOWLES 


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