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Millionaire businessman Mel Morris is a man on a mission.  He believes Derby County and all the other non-premiership teams in the EFL are being short-changed when it comes to earnings from TV rights.  At present a single televised Premier League game generates nearly £11m, whereas a Championship game only generates around £600,000.


Yet despite receiving nearly 20 times the revenue, Premier League games attract only around twice the UK TV audience of a Championship game.  

That’s why Mel has launched an EFL-wide initiative that’s designed to eradicate that discrepancy - and in characteristic style, he’s leading by example!

Matching the quality of coverage and the extraordinarily high production values of the major broadcasters is no mean challenge.  Just a short while ago the cost of the required equipment alone would have been completely prohibitive.  However, digital technology is developing so fast, and the cost of entry has already reduced so dramatically that clubs like Derby County are now potentially able to leverage the on-pitch contributions they make to The Beautiful Game, week in, week out.  


But affording the kit is not the first hurdle.  Deciding what equipment is necessary and which options are best suited to the Club’s needs requires specialist knowledge and experience - as does setting out the specification of the infrastructure needed to support it in use.  That’s why on day one, Mel and his team at DCFC decided to

What began as a simple upgrade exercise for us has grown into what is ostensibly a ground up re-design and re-build of a vastly expanded and more capable RAMS TV Channel.  This has involved understanding the Club’s exciting new vision for the future, translating it into a manageable and affordable project with clear goals and milestones, communicating and liaising with third parties (e.g. builders), arranging product demonstrations and proof of concept visits from key manufacturers, supplying, installing and commissioning equipment, and finally, training and mentoring members of the RAMS TV production team.  


Whilst this work is still ongoing, you can see examples of the exceptional output that the channel is already producing by clicking the RAMS TV logo below.  And if you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you do something similar - we’ve got a button for that too!

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