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Peter Knowles is a one-off - his expertise and experience is unique in the industry, and the breadth of his contacts within it seems to know no bounds.  His refreshing approach to business (he has a genuine desire to help his clients excel at whatever it is they do) and his enthusiasm and energy are unfailingly contagious, infecting colleagues, contractors and suppliers alike.  Whenever Peter is around, things get done - quickly, efficiently and professionally.  And that invariably means that everyone’s face wears a smile!

Peter began his career working for the BBC back in the heady days of Pebble Mill and Top of the Pops.  During his 16 years stint with ‘Auntie’ he worked on many landmark programmes such as Question Time, The Archers, The British Grand Prix, Howard’s Way, and Dangerfield, and with all the legendary broadcasters of the day. By the time he left he was a highly respected Senior Sound Supervisor, one of the highest ranks within the technical team.

The BBC’s decision to move their Midlands operational headquarters from Birmingham to Nottingham prompted Peter to strike out on the next stage of his career. In 1996 he founded Total Audio, a company that originally began as a facilities and production company, but quickly expanded into the broadcast equipment sales arena too, leading him to become what the ‘in crowd’ referred to as a Systems Integrator. The technical and user knowledge Peter gained originally at the BBC, and on which he consistently built over the ensuing years was to fuel the success of every business he has worked for, developed or run ever since. 


With the advent of the ‘digital revolution’ Peter was one of the first to recognise what a dramatic effect this would have on the rather ‘cosy and rarified’ world of the broadcasters, and the extent to which it would challenge the status quo.  He understood that the means to create and distribute audio-visual content would now be within the reach of almost every organisation, and that a new breed of content creators would emerge with a very different set of values and priorities - and that meant they would require a very different approach from their suppliers. 


Unfettered by the rules and regulations governing the traditional broadcasters, these new content creators would want to challenge the norms, find short-cuts, and incorporate new elements into the mix.  They’d need help.  They’d need advice.  And they’d have an insatiable appetite for know-how!  


Peter knew instantly that they’d need a true Studio Expert! 

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