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There is a growing realisation that moving content is up to 10 times more likely to be viewed than written content, and once seen, is 10 times more likely to be shared.  Arguably that makes it 100 times more effective overall, so it’s no surprise that all football clubs are now taking moving content very seriously.

Over the past few years StvdioExpert has specialised in helping football clubs create and develop the network of key skills that they need when launching or expanding a live TV platform, and we were introduced to Swansea FC via a recommendation.


Having taken the decision to opt out of the EFL’s iFollow service, Swansea’s small but extremely talented team were facing the new challenge of launching their own platform, ‘Swans TV Live’.   We were called in to advise on what technology was needed, how best to deploy it, and to provide training and support leading up to the launch.


We know from experience that restricting the infrastructure to the minimum needed to launch the channel is invariably a false economy – it is vital to have an eye on the inevitable future expansion requirements, so scalability is an absolutely key element.  


In terms of hardware, we recommended Swans TV Live looked to Blackmagic Design for the camera solutions (both around the ground and in the studio), matrix, monitoring and glue.  The URSA Mini Broadcast and Studio cameras are show-stoppers in terms of price and features and produce stunning results.  For away games, live video acquisition, management and distribution via IP is facilitated by a LiveU solution.  And at the hub of the system, a TriCaster TC1 meets the scalability brief perfectly, allowing us to deploy its network interfaces over fibre at all key positions within the stadium.


SWANS Live now has a solid solution that I am confident is capable of growing with the channel’s future business requirements.  The team has creativity and talent in abundance, and we have helped ensure they have the technology and know-how they need to express it.  I have no doubt that their output will inspire many other clubs to decide that bringing control of moving content in-house is the most effective way of engaging with fans - and potentially increasing revenues for the club. 

PETER KNOWLES, December 2018

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